Under the Big Influence is a group exhibition exploring the relationships and behaviors that form in college culture as it relates to drugs, consumerism, and technology.  The artwork displayed flashes the viewer into a critique of the influence consumer culture has on our lives, especially in the formative years. The work displayed in this exhibition leaves the viewer questioning their role in the destructive nature of our society’s culture and how the masses are influenced into perpetuating immoral practices, but remember- it’s just business.
UTBI needs an identity that draws in not just art students, but any average joe walking by. Something that catches your eye and doesnt let it go, otherwise this gallery show is a bust. 
Lets go BIG or go home! For our branding, I chose to explore two directions through the umbrella of overconsumption: Physical and technological. By delving into these two aspects of our culture that increasingly grow in tandem, I aimed both to capture and parodize the multifaceted nature of the consumerism phenomenon prevalent in our society today. 
For our marketing, we were in a tight spot. Our partner who presided over the marketing manager role missed the deadline for our press release. We had flyers up at the school, but how were going to let everyone who wasn't at campus in the know?
"I found 100 doll- " 
Finding a dollar, tale as old as time, and a bit of a low blow we may admit, but it paid off. 
Although the show was only required for a handful of students in thesis, we achieved community wide attendance! 

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